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By choosing this investment in your child's foundational learning experiences, you are joining engaged circles of school leadership, educators, and families who care deeply about whole-child development in the dynamic work of teaching and learning. We welcome you to Bloom, nurturing the uniqueness of each learner - honoring strengths, challenges, needs, and opportunities of today while preparing students for challenges of the future. 


We are constantly learning about how children construct knowledge and cultivate skills; how we can all work toward cultivating a growth mindset and gain confidence; how meaningful relationships with teachers make a difference; about what happens on the playground; about the practices that best support students in exciting inquiry processes. Bloom has taken root and grown because of these values.

We welcome you to the and the in joining this learning community!

CURRENT STUDENT Re-Enrollment Process

The priority period for re-enrollment for current families is February 1-March 1, 2021, offering continuing students priority for a spot in the appropriate class for the next academic year. Priority place-holding for qualified continuing students requires:

  • Submission of completed Re-enrollment form for current students

  • Payment of re-enrollment fee of $250 (non-refundable, not applied to tuition) to secure the student's classroom placement, which will be assessed through the student family's FACTS payment management account. 

  • See Application Deadlines below.

  • Endorse Enrollment Contract upon re-acceptance and submit to Bloom.

  • Update FACTS information for payment schedule for 2021-2022 by June 15, 2021.

NEW STUDENT Enrollment Application Process

The application period for students in grades K-8 who have not previously enrolled at Bloom Community School begins March 1, 2021. In order to start an evaluation of the application, the following must be completed:

After successful submission of New Student Application Form (Parts 1 and 2), our enrollment team will review the information supplied. Then, the next steps in Bloom's thoughtful, personalized enrollment process are as follows:

  • Our enrollment team will review applications and ask for any follow-up information and/or documentation determined to be relevant toward admission consideration.

  • After application materials have been reviewed by our team, a Bloom teacher or staff member will contact your family about arranging a visit to become better acquainted and to continue to discern together about learner readiness for Bloom's unique program and environment as well as our school's ability to appropriately support each child. Additional activities may be organized to continue to acquaint your family with Bloom's community.

At this point in the discernment process, families will receive a letter indicating acceptance status. Upon acceptance, the next steps are as follows:

  •  Endorse Enrollment Contract upon acceptance and submit to Bloom.

  • Submit Payment of re-enrollment fee of $250 (non-refundable, not applied to tuition) to secure the student's classroom placement. 

  • Create a FACTS account and submit relevant information for a payment schedule for 2021-2022. An Enrollment Package will be distributed to families, with further information about matriculation (school supplies, medical forms, school day routines, etc.) 

Application Deadlines

  • February 1-March 1, 2021 – Re-enrollment Application for continuing students is available online; first priority for placement in 2021-2022 classrooms is given to returning students during this time period. Re-enrolling students do not pay an application fee, but are required to pay an enrollment fee of $250 (not applied to tuition) in order to reserve placement in the appropriate class. Re-enrollment communication after this deadline will be given consideration alongside new applicants unless circumstances require individualized discussion with the Bloom enrollment team.

  • March 1-April 15, 2021 – New Student Application forms will be accepted during this period for consideration. Applicants must submit both Parts 1 and 2 of the application form and to pay the $75 non-refundable application fee. A Bloom teacher or staff member will then contact each applying family to set up a personalized visit to review learner readiness.

  • April 15, 2021 – Deadline for New Student Applications for earliest consideration for 2020-2021. Those who apply after this time period will be considered as contingent upon the number of spaces already committed (with enrollment fee) or nearly finalized by the time of application.

Learner Readiness

Bloom is committed to nurturing a diverse group of learners who can all be successfully supported in inquiry-based processes within the school's unique environment. Our innovative approach is designed to foster independent decision-making and self-regulation within a structured, balanced school day. Bloom's experienced teachers dynamically meet the needs of individual students while maintaining the equilibrium and momentum of the class as a whole. 


As our enrollment team receives applications, parents/guardians will be contacted for a meeting with a teacher and/or staff member to discuss enrollment and determine placement appropriateness. Parents are encouraged to consider the learner traits of children using the 21st-century skills framework available here: 21st CENTURY SKILLS FRAMEWORK. This framework is utilized by teachers as part of their ongoing assessment of students, alongside learning standards, throughout their Bloom educational experience.

Financial Considerations

As part of its mission, Bloom Community School seeks to engage families who prioritize innovation and best practices in education. Yet our leadership is mindful of the budget realities of prioritizing educational investments that match family values and interests can sometimes be limited.


Bloom Community School’s financial aid program is based on two factors: 1) demonstrated need of the family applying for tuition assistance, which is based on recommendations from FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment; and 2) availability of financial aid dollars in a given school year based on budget. Families applying to the Bloom Connections program will be asked to submit relevant financial information to FACTS, an online, third-party finance tuition finances management service that has been contracted to provide a fair assessment of financial need.

Anti-discrimination Policy

Bloom Community School is committed to developing diverse, inclusive classroom communities that draw strength from a positive recognition of our varied backgrounds. Bloom administration and teachers will transparently communicate with families about the school's ability to support a range of unique learner needs as our school grows. Bloom Community School does not discriminate against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, disability, political persuasion, or national or ethnic origin.