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Join us for Open House Events for 2023-2024

Have the experiences of the past few years changed your ideas, expectations, and hopes for your child's education? The world is changing, and so should schools. But so many school systems are overwhelmed by post pandemic conditions that have made consistent, connective learning a huge challenge for learners and teachers. 

The past three school years have been unprecedented in so many ways - in our communities and around the globe. Starting in the Spring of 2020, when the majority of teachers and schoolchildren finished out the 2019-2020 year with remote learning, Bloom was already thinking about the Fall. Our flexible, innovative teachers, like so many incredible educators around the country, were committed first to the safety of their students and their intellectual and social-emotional development and needs, and developed a plan for outdoor classrooms that prioritized in-person learning. While the first two pandemic years, of course, necessarily included some online learning, the majority of our students' time had been spent in classrooms set up for pandemic precautions (wearing masks, social distancing, eating outdoors, increased ventilation, etc.). Bloom's size and close community continues to allow for nimbleness in responding to local and state conditions and needs without sacrificing continuity in learning that is invaluable for young learners in maintaining academic skills and social-emotional well being. 

As we look ahead to the 2023-2024 school year Bloom will continue to utilize the many learning opportunities in our community! With plenty of space in historic Normandy Village for outdoor classroom time and recreation, and our child-friendly campus, coupled with innovative teachers who carefully monitor individuals and class needs, we feel prepared to practice what we teach: lifelong learning, adaptability, creative problem-solving, communication, and community-building!

Join us in exploring the opportunities of learning at Bloom for academic year 2022-2023 at upcoming Open House events this Spring:

  • 2023 dates to be announced

To continue to be thoughtful about the health and safety of our teachers , staff, board members, and others in our community, we ask that all Open House visitors be vaccinated for Covid-19 and wear a mask at all times in the building while also maintaining appropriate social distancing.   

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