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2023-2024 Academic Year Tuition Rates and Schedule

Since its founding, school leaders have thought carefully about tuition costs. We want to make Bloom Community School - which is a nonprofit organization - an affordable private school option in this community while also prioritizing the hiring of excellent teachers who are fairly compensated. Bloom also seeks to provide a unique, safe facility that supports classroom flexibility and a welcoming outdoor learning space. Tuition levels are also considered with an awareness of regional norms at unsubsidized private schools. Because Bloom's budget is constructed around a tuition-based model, and student numbers will fluctuate due in part to a range of family circumstances, Bloom leadership and parents coordinate fundraising efforts throughout the year to support organizational needs, scholarships, and academic opportunities. 


  • Pods Classroom (grades K-2) and Sprouts Classroom (grades 3-5): $8,400 annually (includes classroom supplies fee)

  • Blossoms Class (6th - 8th grade): $9,000 annually (includes classroom supplies fee)

Bloom operates with the expectation that families will honor tuition payments on a monthly basis in order for teaching salaries and operating budgets to be paid without disruption. Bloom offers annual and flexibly scheduled monthly payment options through FACTS, a third-party financial management website for schools. (Bloom tuition is set yearly, with a minimum cost of living increase to reflect school commitments to salaries and meeting costs for facilities, academic program support, and dedicated costs.)


  • New Student Application Fee: $75 (nonrefundable)

  • Enrollment Deposit (required for both new and returning students, to be paid upon acceptance in order to receive an enrollment contract): $300


  • January - February 11, 2023 – Re-enrollment Application for continuing students is available online; first priority for placement in 2023-2024 classrooms is given to returning students during this time period. Re-enrolling students do not pay an application fee, but are required to pay an enrollment fee of $300 (not applied to tuition) in order to reserve a placement in the appropriate class. Re-enrollment communication after this deadline will be given consideration alongside new applicants unless circumstances require individualized discussion with the Bloom enrollment team.


  • February 11- April 18, 2023 New Student Applications will be accepted during this period for consideration. Applicants must submit both Parts 1 and 2 of the application form and to pay the $75 non-refundable application fee. A Bloom teacher or staff member will then contact each applying family to set up a personalized visit to review learner readiness. Those who apply after this time period will be considered as contingent upon the number of spaces already committed (with enrollment fee) or nearly finalized by the time of application.

BLOOM CONNECTIONS - Financial Assistance

Bloom Community School has, as part of its mission, sought to engage families who prioritize innovation and best practices in education, yet our leadership is mindful of the reality that financial choices are sometimes limited. Bloom's board has made available several seats at reduced tuition levels, which are reviewed on an annual basis. Families applying to the Bloom Connections program will be asked to submit relevant financial information to a confidential, third-party finance organization that has been contracted to provide a fair assessment of financial need.


The number of available Bloom Connections spots is determined by considering the number of continuing students enrolled through the Bloom Connections program and annual operating budget obligations. Families are welcome to inquire by emailing us at


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