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Bloom Community School is an independent, non-profit, private school dedicated to progressive education located in Normal, Illinois. We serve students K-8 in mixed-age classrooms using inquiry-based, student-centered learning approaches. Key to our teaching philosophy and everyday practice include a low teacher-student ratio, supporting and promoting positive social and emotional development, outdoor discovery, and community-based learning. Our accessible facilities are housed at the historic Normandy Village campus and are surrounded on all sides by public playing fields, playgrounds, and a food forest. The school is located two blocks from public transportation routes.

We are currently seeking an educator to join our team for the upcoming school year (2022-2023) and beyond. The position involves teaching a mixed-age (3rd-5th) classroom with a very favorable student to teacher ratio. Team-teaching opportunities and teacher-mentoring in progressive education approaches will be provided.

Bloom Community School is strongly committed to fostering a diverse community of teachers and students.  We seek candidates who have a demonstrated commitment to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.


  • Plan, teach, and co-teach 3rd-5th grade using inquiry-based and project-based approaches.

  • Support student social and emotional development, including guiding groups through restorative justice circles, facilitating student-driven conflict resolution, and promoting mindfulness.

  • Develop innovative and creative lesson plans, including plans that involve outdoor learning and community-based learning.

  • Establish and maintain an inclusive classroom environment.

  • Develop and distribute weekly newsletter demonstrating class activities.

  • Work with community partners to develop out-of-classroom educational programming.

  • Coordinate with the teaching team and administrative staff on student needs, wellness, and curriculum.

  • Develop and communicate holistic student assessments with a focus on documenting and promoting student development throughout the school year.

  • Assist with coordination of school activities and events.

Skills & Qualifications

  • At least one of the following:

    • Teaching certificate or Bachelor's degree in Education.

    • Previous full-time employment teaching in progressive education schools.

  • Open to learning and exploring new teaching skills and approaches, including:

○ Co-teaching and co-planning with a team.
○ Guiding student groups through restorative justice circles, facilitating student-driven conflict resolution, and promoting mindfulness.
○ Willingness to take teaching risks.

  • Ability to work with students with a wide range of academic and social/emotional needs.

  • Clear communicator. Must have strong communication and writing skills.

  • Must be willing to participate in school governance.

  • Out-of-state or out-of-country applicants are accepted.

  • COVID-19 vaccination required.

Starting Salary

  • Salary meets or exceeds local private-school compensation standards.

Benefits of Teaching Environment

  • Small class sizes.

  • Holistic approach to education and assessment for every child. No standardized testing.

  • Strong focus on teach-autonomy at every level. For example, teacher-driven approaches

  • to curriculum, teacher assessment, student evaluations, and daily scheduling.

  • Tuition waiver for children of full-time employees.

How to Apply
Submit your resume to

Start Date


Bloom Community School is committed to attracting staff of varied backgrounds and to developing inclusive classroom communities that draw strength from a positive recognition of diversity. We value diversity in our community with regard to gender, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, and ability.

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