Bloom Community School is a progressive, independent, private school serving families with children in kindergarten through eighth grade in the Bloomington-Normal (IL) area. Our innovative academic program is organized around inquiry-based, thematic instruction that is designed to integrate and expand on core content standards while meaningfully incorporating 21st-century skills that enhance self-awareness and academic success.


Bloom's daily schedule for each of our mixed-age classrooms provides both structure and group instruction as well as opportunities to foster independent learning. By approaching student learning as a dynamic activity that happens in every moment, Bloom combines best educational practices from global classrooms, with focused attention to the unique needs of each child.


Bloom's dynamic, thoughtful teachers bring diverse backgrounds to their classrooms, united by a commitment to implementing researched-based practices that tend to whole-child learning. In an environment of respect for each individual's strengths and needs, our teachers offer caring guidance and work with families to provide frameworks of understanding for how we address learner goals.


Bloom is joyfully expanding the longstanding investment that Bloomington-Normal has made in education, in part through the establishment of higher education institutions, by extending true innovation into K-8 learning.  With support from Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University educators as well as a long list of community collaborators that includes area organizations, businesses, and individuals, Bloom teachers help connect student interests, questions, learning needs, and developing sense of identity to ever-widening circles of family, school, community, and world.

Bloom’s mission is to cultivate joyful, independent learners in an educational environment that nurtures individual development by integrating high academic standards and community engagement. We encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their ability to contribute to collaborative problem solving that positively impacts their community and the world.




"Our son has had an opportunity to not only foster healthy relationships with peers but also engage in topics that relate to his interests and curiosities. He seems generally excited by his learning and how his thoughts are appreciated and heard. He is so proud of his work and his classroom. It's nice to see him have pride in his learning and know that learning is connected to experiences."

Bloom parents Sarah & Michael Bonner

"Something magical is happening inside those classrooms -- not only in my son but in all our children. They are learning independence, responsibility, accountability, cooperation, and collaboration. They learn in their projects, on field trips, and on the playground.   [My son] wakes up every morning excited to go to school, and returns home every afternoon healthy and happy.

Our children are changing in new and positive ways, and I hope this continues for years to come."

Bloom parent Pamela Morgan

"Walking into Bloom was like stepping into my child's brain."

Open House visitor in 2018 

enrolled for academic year 2018-2019

"As we searched local school options, Bloom stood out as a shining exception. Rather than drills and busywork, the school guides students in exploring and learning in ways other schools regrettably cannot. The school is suited for how he, and most children, learn within an environment that feels more like a (very smart and nurturing) family of teachers and students. Our son enjoys talking about his inquiry-based learning projects, his many educational field trips in the community, and simply taking advantage of the little, yet powerful, freedoms in the way he can exercise his critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The class size allows for unprecedented opportunity for his teacher to know him as a person and focus on helping him reach his greatest potential. When our son participates in extracurricular activities outside of school, I quickly realize the impact Bloom has had on our son’s thinking, speaking, and behavior. It’s incredible."

Bloom parent Brent Collins



Phone: (309) 808-1192

Email: info@bloomcommunityschool.org


1100 N. Beech Street, Building #11

Normal, IL 61761

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